shentanaka in 30days coordinate

laying here trying to sleep n just realized someone ate all my hemp seeds what the fck


this is the best video i have ever seen


ohhh my god that post with the car fucked me up i need to sleep shit got me panicking

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  • author: he had dark hair, dark eyes, and spoke fluent afrikaans
  • fandom: *draws white guy*
  • author: he had delicate skin as dark as the night
  • fandom: *draws white guy*
  • author: her dreadlocks where thick and her skin was dark
  • fandom: *draws white girl*
  • author: they had black skin as smooth as-
  • fandom: *draws white guy*
  • author: they're black, they are literally black, they are not white, seriously. they are black.
  • fandom: ....
  • fandom: *draws white guy*


Prada ready to wear fall/winter 2012 details!

Hate fashion

I should’ve read my fashion textbook before sketching cuz now that I did it im not gonna wanna do it again UGHH